This is a list of in-progress projects and upcoming tutorials. If you have any requests, don't hesitate to provide suggestions using the contact form or comments on this page.

  1. DLNA/UPNP Media serving
    I have already accomplished this with my hardware to my Xbox 360. More robust DLNA/UPNP devices are abundant, but it is what I have to work with.

  2. DLNA Music player
    I have not completed this project. I will post when I do. It may seem a bit redundant to have a music player and server on the same device, but a dlna music player should be controllable from a dlna control point on the same network.

  3. Audio Device Installation & Configuration
    Yes, you can use a USB audio card (video card too, but obviously that is asking a bit much). This will likely be short, but we'll see. I am waiting for mine to arrive.

  4. Networked remote speakers
    This is the most exciting prospect for me, and it seems the least tested. If I can accomplish this over the router, then I can play music from any networked device in my home to my home theater speakers.


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